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Have a question that's more for me, personally, than about the site in general? Here you can ask me anything, anonymously (though you can leave a name if you want, that's up to you).

I reserve the right to not answer any question that crosses icky lines, so behave yourselves. (ಠεಠ)σ

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Question: it's not a question but I hope you're doing okay? haven't heard much from you lately it feels like a long time
Answer: Aw, thank you, anon! I'm okay, I've just haven't done a lot of obvious updates to the site in a while. also I've been hyperfixating on Gaia Online a bit recently lmao. I appreciate the concern! ❤️
Question: How did you come up with the idea of this website. Why did you feel like making it, and what inspired you?
Answer: Um... I dunno, it was never just one thing. I've always liked sharing my interests with the world, and I've had an interest in website design since I was a kid, so the two kinda just came together naturally. I've been inspired by so many things, especially other cool personal websites. This site is sort of a culmination of lots of ideas over many years! Ultimately I like to think this is what my websites would have evolved into over time even if there hadn't been times where I had no site at all (such as when Geocities shut down).
Question: if you had to choose one piece of media to consume repeatedly for the rest of time, what would you choose? in this silly hypothetical I'd say you can consume fan stuff related to the piece of media too :3
Answer: Holy crap that's a question! I think I'd choose my favorite movie, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Somehow I never get sick of it! I even wore static into spots on my VHS tape when I was a kid, lol.

Question: What's your favorite board or card game? I really like Catan and Sushi Go.
Answer: I don't play board or card games often to be honest. I've always liked Uno! Though the last one I played was probably Cards Against Humanity, which while problematic at times can also be so, so funny. As for board games... I kinda like Monopoly but it's such a beast of a game, and so dangerous to friendships, lol. I guess I kinda always liked the simplicity of Trouble, though.
Question: arent u a bit too old to still cling onto that vaguely tumblr-y and "smoll bean"-y aesthetic? bitch u are literally pushing 40, who the fuck makes "online shrines" for their favourite fictional characters at this age? im barely 20 but im so embarrassed for u, honestly. get a life and stop clowning around
Question: how do you get people to comment more on your site? I'm always getting views on my site but not enough comments I like feedback :-(
Answer: Hmm, I'm not sure how to answer this. I think commenting on other people's sites, and starting reply chains, helps a little. Interacting with others seems to help encourage them to interact with you!

Question: Who did you marry in Stardew Valley?
Answer: Lol, well I haven't married anyone yet, but in my most recent save, with the Stardew Valley Expanded and Free Love mods (among many others lol), I'm currently dating both Emily and Sophia! :D
Question: Which Simpsons character would you kiss?
Answer: Lol, well, probably none, as I'm on the aroace spectrum, but if it helps, I think I'd be most likely to be friends with grown-up Maggie. She'd be pretty close to my age by now if she aged normally!
Question: What is your favorite physical music format? Cd? Casette? Vinyl? Minidisc? Or just a regular ol' sd card and mp3 player? So many options to choose from! I'd love to hear which one you like the most! (^▽^ ) - From: L-Legomaster, From the Internet.
Answer: Man that's hard to choose, but I think I'd have to go with CD, mostly because it's what I grew up with. My first album, the Ghostbusters II Soundtrack, was on CD, and I was so proud of that thing!

Question: How can I get the ask me script? So I can add to my site. Kthanks love ur site btw.
Answer: I actually got at least two asks about this, but the link to the instructions for this trick has been on the bottom of the page all along! However, I went ahead and moved it up into the description section. Enjoy and thank you!
Question: Not an ask, but your style and your site are so inspiring to me! It makes me want to make my site even better! Thank you so much for your hard work on such an amazing site! ^_^v
Answer: Aw, well thank you! I'm so glad I can help inspire others. :D
Question: are you hyped for TND?
Answer: I very much hope you aren't referring to the Urban Dictionary definition of that acronym. If you are, quite frankly, my site and this community is not for you, and you can fuck right off. If not, feel free to send another ask explaining.

Question: what kind of music do you listen to?
Answer: Oh geez, my dad asked me this today too. To be honest I listen to a lot of different stuff across just about every genre. Probably the biggest, though, is Nerdcore, which is music made by fans about video games, tv shows, and other 'nerdy' stuff. :)
Question: what kind of old person do you want to become when you get old?
Answer: A fun one. :D And hopefully still reasonably active!
Question: How do you get online people to be nice to you?
Answer: Observe new communities and conversations a bit before jumping in so you know what's expected in a given environment. That's always worked well for me!

Question: i love this site SO MUCH curious as to how you did the custom mouse cursor and trail effectz :3
Answer: Well thank you so much! :D The custom cursor is a cursor file (.cur) that I set in the site's stylesheet (css). The cursor trail is a piece of javascript I got here (it's the "Fairy Dust" one)!
Question: What do you like to do for fun?
Answer: Among other things, working on this site, working on my characters and their profiles on Toyhouse, playing video games, collecting stuff (and documenting my collections!), watching a wide array of stuff on YouTube, and tending my plants and pets!
Question: what's your end goal?
Answer: I'm not sure I totally understand the question here. You mean for my site? I don't think there is one, just to have fun along the way really. If you mean in life, I dunno; I hope I can positively impact at least a few people with what I do. 😅

Question: What code language do you use?
Answer: Fun fact: I flunked Intro to Programming in college. Twice. Really other than HTML/CSS, I can't say I code at all. Kinda goes over my head. 😅
Question: [game link removed] : What do you think of it????
Answer: Well right off the bat, I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. The image smear and sudden bluescreen actually kinda hurt my eyes. 😥 Also I always find it to be kinda an ass move to try to trick people into closing their browser, sooo... 😒
Question: [What's] something you hope to accomplish in 2023?
Answer: Honestly the main goal is to finally get my dumb teeth fixed, or at least get started on it. I need a lot of work and I'm tired of pain. I just want it dealt and over with. Other than that I'd really like to get back to my YouTube channel, Itty Bitty Beasties, with my Sea Monkey stuff and similar!

Question: What is your opinion of Mr. Game and Watch?
Answer: Well I did say "ask me anything," didn't I? lol. Um... Well the racist move kerfluffle aside (at least they took it out but yike), he seems like a cute lil' mascot dude?
Question: How are you so cool?
Answer: I'm cool? ^3^;; Uh, I dunno, I just try to be myself and stay open-minded, always learning and always creating. 👍
Question: Hewwo?
Answer: Mr. Obama?