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It all started with a little site called Gaia Online. On this site, you are given a pixel-art, humanoid avatar, which you can customize, everything from eye color and hairstyle to clothes and accessories. There's an accompanying forum to chat on and minigames and events to enjoy.

Over the years since Gaia came around, there have been many similar sites, with their own avatar customizing systems and forums and communities. It was not at all uncommon (and still isn't) to find people who are members of more than one of these sites concurrently. Some lasted years, with thriving communities. Most come and go; some disappear practically overnight, others are been left to rot, broken and abandoned.

I have something of an affinity for these so-called "avatar sites," having joined pretty much every one I could find. My activity and interaction with the sites and their communities varied, but one thing stayed a constant: I love dressing up my digital paper dolls. Add to that my love of collecting, and I've managed to save at least one avatar from all of these sites. Here's my little museum, my Avatar Archive, if you will!

my current Gaia avatar
gaia online

Site status: Active

The original, or at least best-known, avatar site!

To the left is my current avatar. To the right is a timelapse of all my avatars since I joined in 2006!

You can view my full Gaia Online avatar history on this page, if you want!
a timelapse of my Gaia avatars through the years

Voltra Online

Site status: Active
my current Voltra avatar
my current recolor.me avatar

Site status: Active

Site status: Active
my current Everskies avatar
my current Pantheon avatar
Pantheon Online

Site status: Defunct

Site status: Defunct
my last Ernya avatar
my last Roliana avatar

Site status: Defunct

Site status: Zombie (dead but still standing)
my last Menewsha avatar
my last Solia avatar

Site status: Trying to fund their return with NFTs, so screw 'em
Syndrone Online

Site status: Defunct
my last Syndrone Online avatar
my last Unifaction avatar

Site status: Defunct
Kingdom of Knuffel

Site status: Active
(though my account was deactivated
presumably due to inactivity, oopsie)
my last Kingdom of Knuffel avatar