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Native English-Speaker Currently Studying German
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Hello, I'm Key! Or at least that's what I go by online. I'm a big ol' geek with too much time on my hands who mostly just wants to make people smile. I draw a a 'prep' doll rendition of the webmasterlittle, game a little, and I love building websites, though I never got very good at that either, lol.

Sometimes I make videos for my YouTube channels—mostly fan stuff on the primary channel, and the secondary channel is my channel for my invertebrate hobby—I raise sea monkeys (brine shrimp) and isopods and hopefully more in the future! I also dabble in terrarium-building, scrapbook, and collect a bunch of stuff (plushies, hedgehogs, rainbows, little vials with keepsakes inside, stationary...).

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Cool Photo I Took Once: a photo of a beach at sunset, with lightning in the background

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To the left, my current avatar.

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'Key is aggressively precious' - Ny'Aara

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color: teal

foods: avocados, cheez-its, chili dogs, chocolate, mashed potatoes, sashimi/sushi, spaghettios, tomatoes

drinks: iced green tea

animals: brine shrimp, cats, dinosaurs, hedgehogs, isopods, jumping spiders, millipedes, rabbits, thylacines, turtles

books: "Under Alien Stars" by Pamela F. Service
"Fog, Snow, and Fire" (trilogy) by Caroline B. Cooney
"The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break" by Steven Sherill
The "Poirot" mysteries by Agatha Christie
"The Cat Who..." series by Lilian Jackson Braun

movies: Deadpool, Despicable Me, Kubo and the Two Strings, Megamind, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Popeye, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

tv shows: Invader Zim, Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, Star Trek, The Orville, The Umbrella Academy

youtube: Angry Video Game Nerd, CaptainSparklez, Game Grumps, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Nostalgia Critic, Thomas Sanders

anime: .hack//SIGN, Cowboy Bebop, Seraph of the End, Space Dandy, The Promised Neverland

music: Billie Eilish, JT Music, The Living Tombstone, Lordi, NateWantsToBattle, Ninja Sex Party, Peter Gabriel, Starbomb, TryHardNinja

podcasts: Distractible, GO! My Favorite Sports Team, The Purple Stuff Podcast

games: Don't Starve Together, Five Nights at Freddy's, Minecraft, The Sims 4, Sonic the Hedgehog, Stardew Valley, Undertale/Deltarune

other: air plants, analog horror, blogging, developing original characters, drawing, invertebrates, isopods, mosses, photography, pixel art, plants, polymer clay, sea monkeys, succulents, role-play gaming, terrariums, twitch, video editing, web design, writing, youtube

Warning: VERY LOUD for some reason; blame Spotify. Also, some songs contain explicit content.
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