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Saturday, February 13, 2021, 9:40pm
Location: Florida
Mood: meh, I'm okay I guess
Listening: n/a
Playing: n/a
Eating: Cheddar Chex Mix
Drinking: green tea
Watching: PjonkGoose on Twitch

    Today was fun. Most of it consisted of laying in bed feeling like crap. I finally forced myself to get up and take a shower, My forearm, bearing multiple scrapes from my falland was feeling a fair bit better...

    Then I tried to get dressed.

    Putting on my shorts, I lost my balance and fell between the bed and the cabinet, scraping up my forearm and knocking the nano-aquarium askew, sending aquarium water everywhere, including all over me and the aquarium's power strip.

    I seem to be mostly okay although my scraped up arm is complaining like I wrenched it a bit as well. Aquarium mess is cleaned up, aquarium is back in working order except that I need to put the backing back on the tank. And the power strip is being dried out. I got really lucky that my comforter and a pillow were filling that floorspace when I fell, I think. So could have been worse.

    In regards to my last blog post, I never did hear back from the doctor's office like they said I would, either. It's been two weeks. I think I'll call them on Monday and complain.

    In better news, the fairy shrimp are doing great, though the seed/clam shrimp seem to have died off (I think it's my own fault; in fear that I wasn't feeding enough, I think I overcompensated). I think I'll get more eggs when I can afford them; I like having a diversity in the tank and hopefully there will be a decent enough algae and beneficial bacteria in the tank with the new rocks/plants I've added to sustain them well. I've also thought about getting some snails, but I'm not sure what species I want. Something that stays small, at least.

    Speaking of which, videoing and taking photos of these tiny guys is a heck of a challenge, but I did recently manage a pretty good still shot of my biggest female redtail fairy shrimp! The video only focused for a second but it was long enough. :)

    There's also a beautiful big male in the tank, but he's so active I can't seem to get a decent shot of him to save my life, lol. I'll keep trying, though.

    Weirdly those two grew big really fast while the rest are still pretty small, and I have no idea why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    In somewhat related news, I also want to share this cool video of my isopods (porcellio laevis) feasting on freeze-dried crickets. I think it's adorable when they run off with little pieces like they've won a prize.