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In which I am overly excited about a sticker.
Saturday, March 20, 2021, 6:00am
Location: Florida
Mood: bored tbh
Listening: n/a
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Eating: ruffles potato chips
Drinking: homemade matcha green tea latte
Watching: NerdECrafter - Cash OR Trash? Testing 2 Crayola Bead Maker Craft Kits

   Hey, long time no write. I haven't had a whole lot going on lately; mostly been doing stuff on the website. Actually a lot of stuff on the site, lol. And--why the heck is my tablet making notification noises over and over?? Hang on...

A title card from Spongebob Squarepants reading 'a few moments later'.

   Well I tried disconnecting the bluetooth mouse. That didn't do it. I took the battery out of said mouse--breaking my damn nail in the process. But it's still doing it! Argh. Technology is annoying.

   A screenshot of a tiny pixel building with various rooms and businesses.Anyway what was I saying? Oh right, so I've added some new projects to the site, namely my Yum-Yum Shoppe (a fun old-web idea resurrected by Michelle of Cinni's Dream House), Teeny Towers (a fun old-web idea I recently resurrected), and the Web Garden (a fun brand-new idea created by Miss Moss.) Those plus the 100 Days of Art challenge I'm taking part in--which is half complete!--have kept me fairly busy. :)

   I also recently got the foam insulation sheet I needed for the terrarium I want to build for my Dwarf White isopods. It'll be my first time doing one like this but I'm excited for it! I've been heavily inspired by SerpaDesign on YouTube; if you're interested in this kind of stuff I highly recommend his channel! He builds all kinds of awesome terrarium and aquarium type stuff, and his videos are really nice and chill as well.

   My teal-colored recipes book, with various stickers on the cover, including a bold yellow 'recipes' title.I think my favorite thing at the moment is my new recipes book, which today finally got a title decal on the front! I even managed to put it on where I wanted it in one try, lol. (I swear, that's a decal, not photoshop text!)

   Oh and you know, the damn doctor's office still hasn't gotten back to me. I tried emailing them earlier this week and never got as much as a phone call. Which means I guess I'm going to have to call them (I hate making phone calls, I have a really hard time with it due to my anxiety) if I ever want to get the form taken care of for my covid vaccination to go forward.