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Rocket Man, Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone~
Saturday, April 24, 2021, 01:30am
Location: Florida
Mood: feelin' pretty good :)
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Drinking: Sprite
Watching: Game Grumps: Sealing a Real Estate Deal with a KISS 💋 - Monopoly

    SpaceX Rocket carrying Crew Dragon Capsule 'Endeavour' glows brightly in the otherwise dark Eastern sky Early this morning, I had an exciting experience--I got to watch the SpaceX rocket launch from my own front yard! I wish I'd had the foresight to film from the beginning, but on the other hand I wouldn't have accidentally gotten a really clear shot with the flash on (as opposed to some really awful shots with the flash off--the total opposite of what you'd expect! Noted for future pictures, lol). It was a really neat (and somewhat surreal) thing to watch and I'm really happy I got to see it. This shot is from 150 miles to the west of the Cape Canaveral launchpad!

    I also saw a shooting star a couple minutes before launch! Sadly didn't get a pic of that, lol.

    The author, wearing a rainbow mask and showing off their vaccine bandage In other news, on Wednesday I got my first Fauci Ouchie™! That is to say, I got my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Aside from a really sore arm I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary as far as side effects, but I imagine when I get the second shot I'll probably feel it more. I'm very glad to have started this process and look forward to having it over and done with.

    A roughly foot-tall smiling pink shrimp plushie Also I got a new friend as a sort of self-reward for getting my shot; this is Simone the Shrimp. She's a Squishmallow (I freakin love Squishmallows, they are absolutely as wonderfully squishy as they sound) and she's super cute and given my critter hobbies with the Sea Monkeys and such, seems very suitable to me, you know? :D

    That's just about it, except for one more thing, which I'll leave you with: Me trying to put the clean sheets on my dang bed today with the dog absolutely refusing to let me without a fight. (Hover for captions; click for bigger images!)

A dark-colored chihuahua lying adorably in the center of a bare mattress, holding a toy rabbit A dark-colored chihuahua lying adorably in the center of a yellow fitted bedsheet that has yet to be put on properly, again holding a toy rabbit A dark-colored chihuahua peering up at the camera from between the mattress (held by photographer) and box spring, accompanied by a toy rabbit. A dark-colored chihuahua looking over his shoulder at the camera from where he's perched on a tilted mattress, once again with his toy rabbit A dark-colored chihuahua now walking on an abandoned attempt at putting a case on a pillow; a toy rabbit lies behind him on the bed A dark-colored chihuahua lying quite happily on a bare pillow, again with a toy rabbit

    Have a good [timezone]!