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The Peter Rabbit Lunchbox
Tuesday, November 16, 2022, 11:50pm
Location: Florida
Mood: nostalgic
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Drinking: Coca-Cola
Watching: Jordan Fringe - WAIT... Remember Edgar & Ellen?

a white tin lunchbox with a blue plastic handle, with a large Beatrix Potter illustration featuring many of her characters, most notably Peter Rabbit    I was going to make this an entry in my dream journal, but honestly, I don't remember the dream itself, like at all. The only thing I remember is this childhood memory it unlocked.

    When I was a kid, I had this little tin lunchbox, themed after Beatrix Potter, the author and illustrator of the Peter Rabbit books. It looked like this! ——>

    I loved that lunchbox. I actually carried my lunch in it for a time! Later on, I'd use it to store some of my little kid treasures, I can't remember exactly what but probably more of my rabbit-themed things—I was crazy about rabbits as a kid. I collected rabbit figures and plushies, and I even raised rabbits for a while—I had champion Mini Lops (I showed them as well as raised them) and for a while I also had California Meat Pen rabbits, also for showing.

a smiling young girl in blue jeans, a pastel floral top, and long brown hair held back by a headband, holding a white basket lined with sparkly purple tissue paper and itself holding two mid-size white rabbits with dark snouts and ears    I was so nuts for rabbits that I was dubbed "Rabbit Girl" in school! (Not sure that was always a positive nickname, but whatever, it fit.)

    There was a Peter Rabbit series that ran from 1992 to 1998 on the BBC. I'm not sure if it was on PBS in the United States as British programming sometimes was, or if we had it on VHS, but it had the most amazing theme song that has haunted me every since I first heard it. "Perfect Day," performed by Miriam Stockley, is just so beautiful, and I think I recorded the song onto a cassette at one point so I could listen to it as much as I wanted.

    Anyway, I miss my lunchbox. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one on eBay or something. I wouldn't mind having it again.❤️️