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Stop, Thief!
Wednesday, March 03, 2024 01:30PM
Location: Florida
Mood: flabbergasted
Listening: YamaYama - Trouble In Watertown (StH3)
Playing: Minecraft
Eating: McDonald's boiger & fries
Drinking: Shamrock Shake
Watching: n/a

    I cannot with this dog.

a small dog with white, black and brown markings. He is half chihuahua and possibly half jack russel.

    So I ordered food today and with my burger came a freebie side of chicken nuggies. I ate my burger and fries, gave him a lil' bite of my burger (roommate trains all her dogs to expect "a bite" at the end of meals as long as they don't beg) and turned around to wash my hands. I go to dry my hands and see Toki high-tailing it from my room, where the chicken nuggies had been sitting, in their closed box, on my bed.

    Ya'll. This tiny 10-pound dog had a WHOLE-ASS CHICKEN NUGGET LODGED IN HIS JAWS.

    He knew he'd done wrong and came to me when I called him, but I still had to pry open his mouth to get the nugget from him. He accidentally bit me trying to not let go (not hard, I'm fine, but still).

    This fucking dog evidently sprang thumbs just long enough to get the fucking chicken nuggets box open in the ten seconds it took me to wash my fucking hands!!

    So rip that chicken nugget I guess. I must confess after he went to all that trouble I kinda gave him a small piece of it. The rest is on the counter to give some of as a treat later mostly because I hate to straight-up throw it away.

    I had no idea I was helping to raise a criminal!! 🤣