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Fire! Fire!
Monday, May 29, 2024 11:25PM
Location: Florida
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Drinking: Coca-Cola
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    So my roommate and I kinda saved a guy from having his house burn down recently.

    We were coming from the lil' horse farm where roommate boards her horse when we saw a big puff of black smoke come up from this brand new (like a few years old) subdivision full of nice, expensive houses. Drove a little bit further and we could see fire in the back yard of this one house, and it was quickly apparent this was no firepit; it was spreading and engulfing their patio furniture.

    Roommate zipped into the subdivision and we found the house and ran up to ring the doorbell; it was a camera doorbell and at first it wanted us to leave a message lol. She yells into the camera that "HEY YOUR BACKYARD IS ON FIRE AND IT'S STARTING TO CATCH YOUR HOUSE!" while I ran over to alert the next-door neighbor since no one was answering the door. By the time I come back the guy that owned the house had appeared and pulled out a garden hose to start spraying it down. Apparently he'd been visiting with his next-door neighbor on the other side when he got the doorbell alert message and sprinted back over to his own house.

    The neighbor I'd alerted called 911 and another passerby did too, even though the homeowner didn't want to call them (weird). We left since we'd done our part and heard as we were leaving they'd actually gotten it out with just garden hoses, which is kinda crazy because it was growing super fast and I didn't think they'd be able to.

    We passed the firetruck on its way there as we were on our way out.

    So yeah, that was certainly exciting, lol.