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Cringe Culture is dead Do What You Love Why Be Normal? He/Him She/Her They/Them I am an adult Living with Chronic Pain Living With Chronic Illness Helpless without my glasses Thyroid disease Fighting depression Clutter Queen DVD Crazy Dust Collector Book Collector Target shopper Thrift store junkie Dollar store junkie Rainbows Rock! Rainbow Collector Rainbow Lover Pretty rainbow Over The Rainbow No rain, no rainbows Follow your own rainbow. Dive into scrapbooking Bottled water drinker Iced tea drinker BRB - Making tea Root beer drinker Sushi addict Proud Chocoholic Addicted to cheese Artist Aquarium junkie Born to be mild November born Sleepy I'm in my PJs I live in my PJs I smile because I have no idea what's going on 100% Computer Geek I can't live without my computer My computer never sleeps I have pixel vision Photoshop addict Photoshop is my friend I play violent videogames I need more time This user is time blind Night person Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. I can't dance I see trolls Glow in the dark First born Big sister I love my mom I love my online friends I love my LiveJournal (Tumblr) Hellsite (Affectionate) I love California I fancy flamingos Horns n fangs Monster hugs Rainbow duckies Candles Pumpkin pie Gummi bears Skittles I love the 80s I love 80s toys I love autumn I love Halloween I love Sonic Drive-In I love Pizza Hut I love Taco Bell I love candy I love candy corn I love pizza I love Japanese food I love peppermints I love cats I love cats Black cats are lucky! There are no ordinary cats I love my chihuahua Possums! I love honey bees I love music I love my iPod I love the night I love the night sky I gaze at stars I love pink I love glitter Furby Lover I love old movies VHS Forever Be Kind, Rewind I love thing past I love antique shops I love horror movies Horror Fan I love photoshop I love eyestrain Lemon Demon Reba McEntire Fan Lisa Frank Gotta Go Fast PINGAS Muppets Invader Zim Invader Zim - GIR Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls Pirates of the Carribean Spaceballs Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Beetlejuice Re-Animator I gave him life! (Re-Animator quote) Friday the 13th Michael Myers Young Frankenstein Tremors Spice World Monty Python Star Trek Space, the Final Frontier Live long and prosper Gender Equality Gay Rights Trans Rights Trans Rights, Baby! Be Gay Do Crime Be Gay Do Crime Gay Isopod Rights! Stop internet censorship Censorship kills creativity Self expression is not a crime Hate is not a family value Fuck Trump I didn't elect that asshole Anti stupidity Smoking Sucks Heat Kills: no pets left in cars Eat The Rich Black Lives Matter Defund The Police Wear Your Mask Believe in yourself Drink some water Eat chocolate Ghoulish Halloween Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain Happy Halloween! Spooktacular! Trick or Treat! October Police line do not cross Frankenblinkie Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Lava blinkie Holy Cow Let the music play Adults are just kids with money. Speak softly and wear a loud shirt. Opinions are like assholes; everybody's got one. Bondage is knot for everyone When in doubt, take a nap Same crap, different day Everybody is somebody's weirdo Are we alone? The truth is out there I love blinkies Blinkies? Where? Bitten by the blinkie bug Bonus blinkie
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lgbt genderqueer pansexual demiromantic Coded with Pride Deviantart Halloween Powered by Arizona Green Tea Built eating Cheez-Its Built Listening to Winamp Parental Advisory Forever Online (Tacky) Web Design is my passion! Slasher Chat I survived the 2018 Tumblr Apocalypse Made directy in the Neocities code editor--like an IDIOT No Paywalls ACAB ACAB Trans Rights NOW! No Nazis, No Fascism, No Racism Black Lives Matter Stand With Ukraine
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0% Religion 7Zip ACAB Alloy American Spam Poison Antispam Autumn Blue Ribbon Campaign DeviantArt eBay Faygo Firefox Fuck Gender GIMP Goldfish crackers Greasemonkey Hand Coded Hot Topic I Love Music iPod Nano Blue iPod iTunes Keroppi LGBT Friendly LGBT Pride Mario Bros. Neopets No Smoking Notepad Made Pastel Colors Peppermint Photoshop Photoshop Pizza Pokemon Rated PG13 Sagittarius Sagittarius Sonic the Hedgehog Soot Sprites Soot Sprites Starbucks Sushi Tea Thinkgeek I <3 Totoro Wikipedia Winamp Windows
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transgender genderqueer he/him she/her they/them gay queer grayaromantic demisexual disabled neurodivergent anxiety social anxiety c-ptsd ocd tic disorder depression bipolar chronic fatigue chronic pain diabetic chronic illness sagittarius year of the pig infp american english halloween isopod owner rainbowcore pastel goth art crafts artist crafter eastern time minecraft furry don't starve stardew valley
Markiplier Jacksepticeye Thomas Sanders
Darkiplier Wilford Warfstache King of the Squirrels Dr. Iplier The Author The Host Silver Shepherd Bim Trimmer Ed Edgar Googleplier Bingiplier Santaplier Yandereplier Reporter Jim Anchorman Jim Weatherman Jim Eric Derekson Randall Voorhees Illinois Captain Magnum Yancy Antisepticeye Dr. Schneeplestein Chase Brody Jackieboy Man Marvin the Magnificent Jameson Jackson Patton Sanders Roman Sanders Logan Sanders Virgil Sanders Janus Sanders Remus Sanders Remy Sanders Dr. Emile Picani
Queer queer Be Proud Pride Bed Person Sleeping is my favorite sport I wish I had more time I swear I'll log out in five minutes I laugh at fandom haters I miss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy's Stardew Valley Don't Starve Together I support Sonic the Polish Pickle Dragon Cave Umbreon I love chocolate I love chocolate I have a sweet tooth I love cheese Pizza! I support rainbow characters Ugh, Timezones cute and slimy tentacle horns monster skeleton throwing its head at the viewer fish Lisa Frank Unicorn Totally Rad Peeps Ecto Cooler skeletons no sleep whack Dinosaurs rad Rad Times Kita of Lordi dancing Lordi Predator (the alien) Re-Animator I love monsters gore Weird rainbow rubber dinosaur toys space I love rainbows I love rainbows I love rainbows I love my music Spread Love I love halloween Happy Halloween Worms on a String those weird little spiky rubber rainbow balls neon rainbow pony beads Kandi Kid! I love my Sea Monkeys branchiopoda isopods I love jumping spiders I love black cats I love hedgehogs I love echidnas I love opossums I love thylacines I love snakes I love sea slugs I love betta fish I love triops I like teeth Storm Lover City Stars stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp stim stamp
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Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series Invader Zim LazyTown Tim Burton Paul (film) Minecraft Gaia Online Android (operating system) YouTube CocaCola Oreo
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Fear is a thief Imagination is more important than knowledge Inspected by No. 29 It's never too late to have a happy childhood So many stupid people, so few comets All I want is a warm bed, a kind word, and unlimited power Never moon a werewolf Deposit 25 cents to view next page Don't judge me based on your ignorance If you leave me a voicemail please text me what it says Those who discourage your dreams likely have abandoned their own Beware a man of one book Thank you for not smoking Help! I'm online and I can't get off! Adulthood - When you're always tired, except at bedtime Oh gee, let me go find a container for my joy.
This user has intrusive thoughts This user loves Five Nights at Freddy's This user loves to sleep This user is comfortable with being called queer This user will not forgive the Salvation Army This user can't wait for Halloween This user loves piercings This user respects snails This user always forgets to take their meds Due to personal reasons, this user will be in their imaginary world This user isn't thinking straight--ever! They're not straight! This user talks to themselves This user both loves drawing and hates it so much This user likes to make the :3 face This user hopes all TERFs have a bad day This user has social anxiety This user has too many plants At age six this user was born without a face This user is ready for Halloween This user is trying to improve This user supports worms on a string This user is man door hand hook car door This user likes fangs This user loves their fish This user loves sushi This user gets crushes on fictional characters This user loves pumpkins This user has an unknown illness This user is pro candy corn This user enjoys video game music outside gaming This user loves rainy days This user sleeps a lot This user is a writer but never writs This user has executive dysfunction This user stims This user has never been in a relationship This user's favourite color is turquoise This user just wants to be comfy cozy This user loves dinosaurs This user re-hyperfixates a lot This user loves Halloween This user is trying to get better This user wears their mask This user knows they are short; please stop using them as an arm rest This user is grieving This user is emotionally attached to their plushies Due to personal reasons this user will be yeeting themselves into the void This user really enjoys dark and stormy nights This user loves rainbows This user is already excited for Halloween This user loves kandi This user loves their internet friends in radically different timezones This user wants to meet their internet friends This user wants someone to check the men's room for a Hugh Jass This user loves black cats This user is a spoonie This user hyperfixates a lot This user has given up on being normal This user likes being alone but hates being lonely This user loves chocolate This user loves the rain This user is a writer but never writes This user loves dinosaurs This user loves isopods This user loves rainbows This user is a Markiplier enabler
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