The Chain O' Stuff
At some point I started stringing together all sorts of keychains, old necklaces, small toys, together into a conglomeration I now call "The Chain o' Stuff." Some highlights include the LEGO Ninja Turtles that once hung on a late friend's purse, a kitty cat toy that I had as a child and recently replaced (thanks Etsy!), a glittery bunny pin I've had since I was little, a Michelangelo art badge I got at a convention years ago, and a picture of the aforementioned late friend from an old Busch Gardens souvenir.

You can click the thumbnails for bigger pics if you want!

a plastic rainbow chain with keychains, small toys, and other mementos hanging from it
several LEGO Ninja Turtles figure keychains a glittery, ceramic bunny rabbit pin an art badge from a convention, featuring Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles A plastic toy of a gift with a kitten peering out of it a souvenir photo from Busch Gardens