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Strange Meetings
Thursday, September 01, 2021

    I dreamed I met Markiplier! There was a weird convention with creators doing craft projects, and Mark's project was miniatures. He had like a little group of characters I think, and various prop items. After the presentation, the creators split off to do meet & greet type things. Initially I didn't bother trying to meet Mark, figuring he'd be mobbed, but then he loudly (jokingly) 'complained' that no one was coming to talk with him. I went over and bonded with him over miniatures.

    Also for some reason the convention center was flooded—there were even waterfalls—and you had to swim from place to place.

    Afterwards, somehow I was in the UK, and went for a chicken dinner takeaway. Who would be working the till (segregated by plexiglass for Covid-19 safety, of course) but Jacksepticeye himself!This was green hair-era Seán, though the green was pretty heavily faded. He and another employee rang me up, and I pointed out that I hadn’t ordered yet. The young lady working alongside Seán responded, but I couldn’t hear her; when she repeated herself she explained it was “____ night” and thus I could only get the one meal, though I still didn’t know what it was. It turned out to be half a baked chicken with I think boiled little potatoes and probably a vegetable.

    After I got my food, while I was still at the counter (did I ever pay?), the cook came out seeking reassurance that the food was good, which it was!