Halloween 2022
Welcome to my page for Halloween 2022! Here I've collected all the goodies I've gotten from other sites participating in the Yesterweb's virtual Trick or Treat project! Once the Halloween season moves on, many of these goodies will be copied to other pages for more permanent safe-keeping (adopts to the Toybox, stickers to the virtual sticker book, and so on).
Trick or Treat Yesterweb 2022!

an illustration of a packet of smarties/rockets with a glittering border
Bowl's Empty! I raided the candy bowl at Kreepy Key's Halloween Horrortorium! Halloween 2022

Why yes I did raid my own candy bowl. Who doesn't eat at least a piece of their own handout candy?? ;)

a 'silent' pixel doll with horns and tail, holding a spider

 A Bacat lives on this webpage!  An Olimy lives on this webpage!

pixel jack-o-lantern named Derpkin pixel skull named Skully pixel tombstone that reads R.I.P. 2022

a polka-dot jack-o-lantern a cup of bubbling green... juice? a green cake with a bat on top

a blinking piece of candy which reads 'Spook tober 2022'

Samhain Evolution Adoptable Samhain Evolution Adoptable Samhain Evolution Adoptable

tiny bouncing bowl of candy

two pixel teddy bears and a pixel ducky dressed up for trick or treating!

a purple badge stating 'This Halloween I Stood Against Samsara'

pixel art rendition of the iconic McDonald's Jack-O-Lantern bucket pixel art piece of candy pixel art piece of candy pixel art piece of candy a spooky lil' skeleton doggo

a blinky that says 'I was killed by Sammi Curr at the Halloween Dance' a blinky featuring the logo to the 1986 film 'Trick or Treat' an 88x31 button featuring the opening logo to the 1986 film 'Trick or Treat' a red vhs tape with green goo oozing down it
a pinback button featuring Sammi Curr from the 1986 film 'Trick or Treat' a pinback button featuring the logo to the 1986 film 'Trick or Treat'

a spinning polygonal candy corn a spinning polygonal piece of wrapped candy a spinning polygonal wizard hat

spiced 'blood drops' gummy candy sugared gummy bats candy

a smiling pixel art jack-o-lantern

a sticker featuring 'Coffin-Mate' vampire coffee a vintage sticker of a jack-o-lantern a vintage sticker of a black cat a vintage sticker of a bat
a Ghostbusters pinback button a spooky orb with the Crypt Kepper inside a pinback button that says 'happy haunting'
an illustration of a green eyeball gummy candy

Carambar candy Napoleon candy

a cute lil' Peter Parker declaring the site suitable for teens! a cute lil' Spiderman hanging from webbing coming from his, well, behind a less cute Green Goblin as viewed from behind
an oversized stamp declaring that I survived the Goblin Hole!

pixel-art animations of the James and Pyramind Head from Silent Hill 2       a cute lil' pixel-art black kitty with a pumpkin

I trick or treated in Subspace 2022!

A Reese's-themed pixel cat head A Magician tarot card A pumpkin-themed pixel cat head
Quiz Result: I. The Magician
The Magician stands behind a table holding the symbols of the four tarot suits. One hand holds a wand pointed toward the sky, and the other hand points at the ground. The Magician's gift is in his mastery and understanding of the four elements of life, and he draws power down from the spiritual realm into the natural realm, uniting the separate planes.

a blinkie with dripping slime, proclaiming 'transformed from the norm!' a blinkie with a black cat and haunted house, wishing a 'happy halloween!'

a pixel art Frankenstein a pixel art Samara coming out of a television a pixel art candy corn a pixel art Kerr's Molasses Kiss

a piece of wrapped candy with the missing image icon within

a cute sticker of a penguin and pumpkin   a cute sticker of a bunny dressed as a pumpkin a digital drawing of a pink-and-black-haired girl, and a cute bat popping out of a jack-o-lantern of candy
strawberry Pocky a pile of sour worms Skittles, 'Dessert' variety
Hallowen blinkie stating 'fangs for the memory' a 'kao ani' style emote featuring the artists's character Yuki in a witch hat, stirring a cauldron

an 88x31 button of a blinking orange jack-o-lantern a lil' teal jack-o-lantern a piece of wrapped candy in orange and green a wrapped sucker in purple with polka dots a lil' orange jack-o-lantern an 88x31 button of a blinking teal jack-o-lantern

dancing pixel skeletons a gif of a Halloween-colors-clad pony and rabbit that reads Trick or Treat
an 88x31 button that says 'I survived Peeping the Horror!'

a bouncing pixel bust of the killer from Scream a bouncing pixel rendition of a pumpkin-themed Domo

a Snickers bar