Most of these are actually pretty recent, not a zillion years old, lol.

Feel free to use these wherever you like, just make sure you link them back as credit!

Credit: The stained glass-looking borders are from Gasara on DeviantArt.

Animals Jacksepticeye Markiplier Thomas Sanders Miscellaneous


Branchiopoda Isopods Isopods Bee Monarch caterpillar Monarch chrysalis Monarch butterfly


Jacksepticeye Antisepticeye Dr. Schneeplestein Chase Brody Jackieboy Man Marvin the Magnificent Jameson Jackson


Markiplier Darkiplier Wilford Warfstache King of the Squirrels Dr. Iplier The Author The Host Silver Shepherd Bim Trimmer Ed Edgar Googleplier Bingiplier Santaplier Yandereplier Reporter Jim Anchorman Jim Weatherman Jim Eric Derekson Randall Voorhees Illinois Captain Magnum Yancy Engineer Mark Noir Mark

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders Patton Sanders Roman Sanders Logan Sanders Virgil Sanders Janus Sanders Remus Sanders Remy Sanders Dr. Emile Picani


Dragon Cave I support Sonic the Polish Pickle Kita of Lordi dancing Predator You Are a Pirate! Retro Chef Boyardee Retro Chef Boyardee Ecto Cooler