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Invader Zim holding the Earth in one hand       Invader Zim. That Nickelodeon cartoon. A dystopian cult classic. The darling of Hot Topic and scene kids everywhere.
      And by god, do I fucking adore this stupid cartoon and it's amazing characters and sometimes absolutely ghoulish storylines and it's incredible soundtrack! It's just. so. good. If you're not familiar with the show, just... holy hell where do I even begin??

      Per Google: "Zim dreams of greatness. Unfortunately, though, he's hopelessly inept as a space invader. Desperate to be rid of the annoying Zim, his planet's leaders send him on a mission to infiltrate Earth, providing him with leftover, cobbled-together equipment. To their consternation, Zim succeeds in setting up a base on Earth and infiltrating human culture, posing as a human child as he plots the planet's downfall. Only Zim's archnemesis, Dib, recognizes that Zim is an alien, and of course, nobody believes Dib's claims."


GIR the robot eating popcorn       Despite being a critically aclaimed, award-winning and groundbreaking animated series, Nickelodeon pretty much set the series up for failure from the start. Putting the series in progessively worse timeslots, times that were aimed for younger kids rather than the older kids the show was intended for, leading to abysmal ratings. Zim screaming 'noo!'And then they cancelled it, only 27 episodes through an intended 40.
      We. were. robbed.
      And that was it. Radio silence. For years. There were rumors of reboots, of movies. Nothing ever came to fruition. There were a few conventions. Some bit-parts in various Nickelodeon video games. Eventually a pretty great comic series started in 2015, which did finally assuage the grief a little.
GIR the robot dancing in excitement      And then.
      It finally happened.
      On April 4, 2017, over sixteen years since the series' debut, Nickelodeon finally, finally made an official announcement:
      It took about two and a half more years, but finally a movie, with the original voice cast no less, made it's way to Netflix.
      And goddamn, was it worth the wait.
      Creative, hilarious, beautifully animated, and, in my opinion, pretty damned satisfying in character development and plot, "Enter the Florpus" turned out to be a wonderful, if much overdue, loveletter to the fans.
      I mean how can you not love a movie that starts with a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-esque anime sequence?

A highly detailed, anime-like rendition of Invader Zim walking through fire A highly detailed, anime-like rendition of Dib membrane A highly detailed, anime-like rendition of Invader Zim, who puts on his wig and transforms into a 'kawaii' chibi anime character

      The whole movie is so well done, I find myself happy-stimming and laughing like a maniac through the entire thing. Without a doubt it'll be a staple of my entertainment options, along with the original series, for another 20 years at least.

My Fan Stuff

A girl, rendered in the Invader Zim art style. She has medium dark skin, wide green eyes, blonde hair styled in short dreadlocks with multicolored wraps, and faux tapers in her earlobes. She is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and boots with large buckles on the shins.       Oh yeah. I have a fancharacter for this franchise. How could I not?
      Meet Xet. Her father worked for Membrane Labs, dying in an accident there. Her mother, severely mentally ill, had a psychotic break and tried to kill her shortly after her father's death. After her mother was hospitalized, likely permanently, Membrane himself took pity on the essential orphan and took her in. She's now the new kid in Dib's class, a quick outcast by choice, and more or less fast friends with the very talkative Dib.
      I have actually written some stuff with her in it, though some of it needs updating due to being well over a decade old. I am considering publishing it if anyone's interested (let me know I guess?), but I'm a little nervous as I haven't published any of my fiction in years. Also it was started looong before "Enter the Florpus" was even a gleam in Jhonen's eye, so it disregards those events entirely and I don't think I could do much to fit it into Xet's narrative at this point, so oh well. It's an AU anyway.
      Also a little tempted to make like an ask blog on Tumblr for Xet... Idk.


      There's all of one Invader Zim fansite I know of that's still standing, but it's beginning to break down. Room With A Moose is getting difficult to access and throws errors. So I may end up personally archiving the various content on there over time. But in the meantime, here's a few other goodies to enjoy. Cursors I made myself, a couple fonts that probably came from Room With A Moose in the first place, and the wicked Winamp skin used on this very page, that I've been using on Winamp for many many years!

sfx (sound effects)

   Audio clips from the show & movie that I like or find useful (for instance, "Incoming TRANSMISSION!!" is great as a text or email notification!).


      And here I offer a couple of playlists. The first is a YouTube playlist consisting of my favorite Invader Zim AMVs (amateur music videos), fan animatics, and the like. The second is a Spotify playlist I created for ZADF, in this case standing for Zim and Dib Frenemies. Sometimes they get along, sometimes they're trying to kill each other; these songs hopefully evoke the range of emotions reasonably well. Basically they're songs that have or could be used for IZ AMVs, I guess.

The Blurry Line Between Friend & Enemy

   Invader Zim quotes that live rent-free in my head to this day.

  • "I made maaashed potatoes!" —GIR
  • "Why was there BACON IN THE SOAP??" "Aahhh made it mahself!" —Zim & GIR
  • "But invader's blood marches through my veins like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!" —Zim
  • "It's me! I was the turkey ALL ALONG!" —GIR
  • "I saw a squirrel! It was doin' like this! *chitters*" —GIR
  • "I was born with webbed fish toes... like some kind of horrible fish boy. Wanna see?" —Dirge
  • "Destruction is nice!" —Zim
  • "What are you doing, GIR?" "...Nothing..." "Nothing... or something?" —Zim & GIR
  • "ARMS... LIKE... NOOODLES!!" —Dib
  • "Sorry... I'm late... horrible... nightmare visions..." "It's called life, Dib. Sit down!" —Dib & Ms. Bitters
  • "I have a MIGHTY NEED [to use the restroom once again]!" —Zim
  • "It's got chicken legs!" —GIR
  • "Awwww, I wanted to explode." —GIR
  • "It's not stupid; it's advanced!" —Tallest Purple
  • "Why isss his head so big? Whyyy is his heeead so biiig?" —GIR
  • "YAAAY, I'm gonna be SICK! *vomits*" —GIR
  • "Have you the brain worms??" —Zim
  • "Prepare your bladder for iminent release!!" —Zim
  • "GIR, your waffles have sickened me! Fetch me the BUCKET!" —Zim
  • "But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode. That happens to me sometimes..." —GIR
  • "Go home and shave your giant head of smell with your bad self!" "Okay, there's all kinds of things wrong with what you just said." —Zim & Dib
  • "What about me? How do I get back?" "Good question! But I don't care!" —Dib & Zim
  • "Computeeer! Take me to the weasels!" —Zim
  • "Hey look, they're gonna start making artificial beavers." —Zim
  • "Hi floor! Make me a sammich!" —GIR
  • "NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!!" —Professor Membrane
  • "Shut your face butt!!" —Zim*

   * from the comic series


      Screenshots and comic panels I enjoy, out-of-context.
          Sorta kinda SPOILERS ahead!

Series screenshot of Zim sitting at the breakfast table with GIR, reading a newspaper: 'Hey look, they're gonna start making artificial beavers!' Zim from the comic, staring blankly before having a realization and muttering 'omigod.' a strangely-drawn rendition of Invader Zim in his underwear, with three nipples visible
Invader Zim sitting on his couch, sighing Invader Zim riding a giant Irken snack, wearing a cowboy hat and shouting 'YEEHAW!' Invader Zim, in a mech suit eerily reminiscent of a certain recent US president, declaring 'I have given birth!'


      Links to other fansites, fanprojects, and general cool Zim stuff.

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a tiny pixel GIR with a pig balloon
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