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Life is short; eat dessert first.
Name Kyle
Called Kyle, Candy Corn Kyle
Species even he doesn't know
Age 19? ish?
Gender male
Pronouns he/him
Height 4'11"
Build thicc with two c's
Sexuality pansexual, polyamorous
Education high school equivalant
Style whatever he wants
Demeanor permanent sugar high
Kyle by CoffeeFrappuchino

Kyle is a monster in a society full of monsters. He's obsessed with candy--especially limited edition varieties!--and loves to dance, frequenting raves and music festivals (often dragging along his best friend, Tergary).

◼ Physical Description

Kyle is a curvy, light yellow monster boy with cyan spots. Instead of arms that end in hands, Kyle has wings with a single claw tipping each, two clawed toes on each foot, and a single large horn in the center of his forehead. His two-clawed feet, wings, and horn are all colored orange and white, giving the impression, combined with his yellow skin, of candy corn. The membranes of his wings are the same cyan as spots. His sharp teeth alternate white and orange; a central orange tooth on top is flanked by two large white fangs, while two tiny cyan fangs poke out between them. He has a long and especially large tongue, which is forked and cyan in color.

◼ Clothing

Kyle has a style all his own, not really following any particular fashion. His current go-to outfit is an orange fishnet crop top with nothing underneath, and white cargo shorts, the more pockets the better. His large feet don't really fit shoes well, so he typically goes barefoot.

  • candy corn
  • any candy, really
  • just, all the sweets
  • electronic dance music
  • dancing
  • lots of pockets
  • vegetables
  • slow/quiet music
  • not having pockets
  • being told "no"
  • judgey people
  • silence
  • Kyle lives primarily for two things: dancing, and sweets!
  • His favorite music is electronic dance music, but he'll dance to just about anything, down to people's ringtones, if the mood strikes him.
  • His very favorite candy is candy corn, possibly for it's resemblence to his own markings.
  • Despite having no eyes, Kyle gets around as well as any sighted being, and can apparently 'see' in a full-spectrum (he can see in color).
  • Kyle loves pockets, for squirreling away sweets, small toys, and assorted trinkets.
  • It is a mystery to all but him how he manages to access these pockets, given that he has no hands.
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween, because, you guessed it: CANDY!
  • His exceptionally long tongue is prehensile!