Corn Salad
from a dish my stepmom made once that I absolutely adored (she's a great cook ya'll)

• Fresh corn, de-cobbed (or frozen corn, thawed)
• Sweet red peppers (diced)
• Sauteed Onion (diced)
• Italian Dressing
• salt & pepper to taste¹

I dont' have exact specifics for this one; you kinda just go with your gut until it tastes good. If I ever get the chance to experiment with it personally I'll try to refine this with actual measurements.
➀ Combine corn, sweet red peppers, sauteed onion.
➁ Add Italian Dressing, salt & pepper to taste.
➂ Toss until well mixed, and enjoy!

➀ If you don't know where to start with salt and pepper, start with about 1/4 teaspoon each and go up from there.
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