Sea Monkeys
   Brine shrimp close-upYep, believe it or not, brine shrimp (and similar creatures) are a passion of mine. I dunno why; I think they appeal to my love of all things miniature. Not only do I love the original Sea Monkeys, but I love searching out and collecting knock-offs and similar products from other brands (such as Aqua Dragons). I even have a YouTube channel devoted to my love of tiny invertebrates, primarily of the brine shrimp variety. There's not a lot there yet but I have more planned.
   These funny little creatures aren't as popular as they once were--for a while maybe 15-ish years ago there were a ton of different themed tanks available and alternate foods and such you could order, but nowadays there's very little in the way of variety. Maybe that's why I love the knockoffs so much; they're different, at least a little bit.

   Sea Monkeys maintain a place in pop culture, though, frequently parodied. They feature in episodes of Rugrats, The Simpsons (briefly as the couch gag), Family Guy, American Dad, Spongebob Squarepants, and probably most famously, in South Park, as a parody called "Sea People."