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SITE-ID TCG party deck swapex

SITE-ID Trading Card Game

Virtual trading card game created by Scerika of Nightmare Fantasmic. If you'd like to join in, get your own SITE-ID card via her site and trade with others!

My Cards


My Deck Scerika Kei Salya Darken Envy Silent Eyez MystSaphyr Key Bean Eliwood Cadnomori

Party Deck

Another virtual trading card game, this time created by Yobun of Zanarkand. If you'd like to join in, get your own Party Deck card made via their site and trade with others!

My Card

Party Deck: Key

My Deck Party Deck: Zanarkand Party Deck: Key Party Deck: Cadnomori


The English version of this trading game was started by Salya of Tainted Wingz. With Swapex, you create your own 88x88 icon to trade with others. (Rules)

My Icon

a cartoon representation of the webmaster on a small icon

My Collection Swapex for Minako's Sailor Moon Page Swapex for Nightmare Fantasmic Swapex for Nostalgia Swapex for Sukiyaki City Swapex for TaintedWingz Swapex for Zanarkand