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For some reason I keep forgetting to actually make one of these. So I'm fixing that. Here ya go!
  • Site Map ... U R HERE
  • Home ... the main page of the site


  • About Me ... biographical information about, well, me
  • Ask Me Anything ... a handy dandy form for asking me questions, and the answers to those questions
  • Quiz Results ... huge collection of online quizzes (results)
  • Occasional Blog ... journal I update sometimes
  • Dream Diary ... journal of my dreams
  • Art Gallery ... collection of my art
  • Pet parade ... the webmaster's pets, past and present
  • Plant Portfolio ... my current plant line-up
  • Book Nook ... books I own and want to own
  • Recipe Box ... various things to cook and bake
  • Graphics Collection ... blinkies, buttons, stamps, et cetera
  • IRL Collections ... my physical collections (plushies, figures, et cetera)
    • Nail Polish ... an exhaustive list of my nail polish collection, with bonus wishlist
    • Plushies ... an exhaustive list of my plushie collection
    • Pink Mustaches ... my collection of pink mustache stuff
    • Smashed Pennies ... my smashed pennies collection
    • Figures ... My figures collection (Youtooz etc.)
    • Buttons ... my collection of pinback buttons
    • Patches ... my collection of clothing patches
    • Miscellaneous ... miscellaneous interesting stuff I have
  • Avatar Archive ... my avatars from various avatar-building social sites
  • Sticker Album ... my virtual sticker collection
  • Flair Board ... my virtual pinback button collection
  • Quotationary ... quotes that live rent-free in my head
  • The Toybox ... all sorts of (mostly pixel) graphical creatures I've 'adopted'
  • Shrine Stash ... main listing of my shrines to various phenomena
  • The Idiot Box ... a playlist, primarily 80s & 90s, of nostalgic videos
  • Awards & Gifts ... awards my site has 'won' and graphical gifts I've recieved

    Web Graphics and Other Goodies

  • Blinkies ... graphics declaring interests and phrases, most often 150x20 pixels
  • Stamps ... graphics declaring interests and phrases, usually about 99x56 pixels
  • Userbars ... graphics declaring interests and phrases, 350x19 pixels
  • Web Badges ... graphics declaring interests and phrases, 80x15 pixels
  • Icons ... graphics used as personal avatars, usually 100x100 or 50x50 pixels
  • 88x31 Buttons ... graphics often used for linking to websites, 88x31 pixels
  • Backgrounds ... graphics, usually tileable, used as the background of websites
  • Pixels ... small graphics used for list bullets and other page decoration
  • Cursors ... custom cursor sets, mostly fandom-related
  • Stickers ... stickers to collect and trade in Virtual Sticker Albums

    Fun & Games

  • Trading Cards ... create and collect virtual trading cards
  • Yum-Yum Shoppe ... create and collect tiny pixel-art goods in your own virtual shop
  • Teeny Towers ... create and collect pixel-art rooms to build your own virtual building
  • Quilts ... create and collect tiny pixel-art patches to create your own virtual quilt
  • Web Garden ... create and collect miniature websites you can display in your own virtual garden

    Places to Go

  • Links ... tons of cool websites to keep you busy for hours and likely days
  • Fanlistings & Cliques ... essentially online clubs for fandoms and other interests
  • Neocities Profile ... see who I follow (& who follows me) on Neocities, or what I've updated recently
  • Guestbook ... questions or comments? drop me a line here!
  • Credits ... credit where credit is due for assets I've used here that others created